Real Science 4 Kids 4.57/5 (4)


Real Science 4 Kids is a science curriculum for Kindergarten through high school.  It covers biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and geology with a neutral worldview.  Read more about it on their website.

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Comment: My boys loved this program. I first used it with my Kindergartener. We didn't quite finish it that school year so I started it over again the next school year with my K4 and 1st grader. They loved the experiments. The pictures in the text were colorful and fun. My boys loved the atoms joining arms. I am saving the books for my daughter to use when she is older. I loved this program. I wish I had this for high school chemistry!


Linda Howard

Comment: This was a great fit for our family. We loved the colorful images, large and easy-to-read text, comprehensive courses, abundance of experiments, and the meaty content. It's also easy to follow because you just need to buy 1 grade level to get all 5 science with their Building Blocks program. Their price is a little much if buying for more than 1 student at a time, but we found a coupon that made it affordable.


Janice Duthie

Comment: I really liked this science curriculum, although it had a little too much writing for my first grader to complete, she learned a lot for the textbook but didn't want to do the experiments. We intend starting again next year because the experiments sounded fun.


Melissa McCowan

Comment: We used this as a part of co-op class and then also at home when he was in grade 3. It was a good introductory course with fun, simple experiments. The science is simplified in a way they can understand. We moved on the next year to a secular curriculum what was more comprehensive and in depth but RS4Ks was a great introduction to science. I'd recommend it.


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